New Year, New Fruit!

It's been awhile, I know.

Happy New Year! Because even though it's almost Valentine's Day, the Lunar Near Year was only 3 days ago!

As I was grocery shopping for a big New Year's weekend full of celebrations, my eco-conscious friend strongly suggested I buy only fruit grown in the U.S. I agreed, though disappointed that our brunch-making wouldn't include berry speckled fruit salads. The grocery store didn't offer much but citrus. Have you any idea how much of our winter fruit comes from Chile?! So in addition to navel oranges and grapefruits we bought a pomelo. What is a pomelo, you ask?

Pomelo is an ancestor of today's grapefruit. Mine was rather green and oddly light-weight. It had an incredibly thick skin--between 1/3 to 1/2 inch--and a thick layer of feathery pith underneath. Peeling that white stuff off was like what I imagine pulling cotton balls apart might be like if pulling cotton balls didn't make the skin inside my ears tingle.

There was a lot of waste...

And then there was beautiful salmon-pink fruit, a bit dry (hence being oddly light-weight), but I personally enjoyed that it didn't run down my chin with juiciness and it was more bitter than sour. The larger than grapefruit "juice pockets" reminded me of the frozen grapefruit I ate in Copenhagen last summer.

I haven't seen any pomelos since, but if I did, I'd gladly spend another 15 minutes peeling one.

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