Sunday afternoon with the oven

I feel like I've been reunited with an old friend!

I finally got around to some baking this weekend. After scouring my new favorite blogs--why did it take me so long to start reading The Wednesday Chef and Orangette?--I found this perfectly appealing recipe for Apple Walnut Bundt Cake. It was exactly what I was looking for: autumnal, simple, unique yet classic (a bundt!), versatile (dessert or breakfast!), and delicious-looking. It whipped up pretty easily. I probably spent more time greasing and flouring all the nooks of the bundt pan than I did mixing up the batter. It came together nicely with some basic ingredients, two small local apples, one bowl and a spoon, no electric mixer. SIMPLE.

I pulled it out of the oven moments before I had to be on the bus to my book club/potluck. I didn't have time enough for it to cool in the pan before turning it out so I packed the pan and the cooling rack and brought it on the bus. It warmed my lap and gave off its tantalizing aroma; I think I made a few friends on the bus! When I arrived at book club, it turned out of the pan with ease . My book club friends seemed to enjoy it, but it was definitely better (more moist) the next day after spending the night wrapped in plastic. Next time I may go all out with cream cheese frosting as Orangette suggests.

This is a very mediocre photo of the last (and haphazardly cut) piece of cake. I was enjoying eating it so much, I almost didn't get around to photographing it. As you can see lots of nice apple chunks and walnut bits inside...

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