Oven-baked fries

Sure, I could have eaten leftover risotto, but what else was there to do but cook? Night 2 of Snowpocalypse, I made these thick, crispy fries.

I've never made my own french fries before. Deep-frying is not a culinary technique I strive to master. Poaching, yes. Braising, that sounds important. But deep-frying sounds tedious and dangerous (Did I mention I burned my face when I was cooking these? Yup, I said face...and these weren't fried.) Dropping food into hot oil...I'll leave it to the pros with their nifty baskets.

Actually, I made tempura once. It was Christmas Eve at my parent's house. I think I let my mom talk me into it. Tempura is fried, right? If I recall correctly, it took way too long, I burned myself, and it didn't taste as good as it does in the restaurant.

Back to the snowpocalypse fries.

I followed the temperature and time specifications from this recipe, but I used olive oil, salt and lemon pepper. I will definitely make these again; who doesn't crave french fries?

Oh, and I didn't just eat fries for dinner. There was also a turkey burger and warm spinach with pancetta and balsamic vinegar.

In case you were wondering, the face-burning occurred when I stuck my head in the oven (Have I learned nothing from Sylvia Plath?). I didn't feel the heat right away so I moved in a little closer. That's when my eyelashes melted my eyes shut. Good thing I had some fries to ease the pain.

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