Snow-bound Woman Subsists on Chocolate Chip Cookies

I stopped cooking somewhere around Day 4 of what has turned into my 10 day snow-cation. Luckily, before I threw in the towel, I made Wednesday Chef's Flat & Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies; I've been eating them ever since.

Following the recipe resulted in HUGE cookies, that were a little too gooey on the inside. I moved towards more of a drop-style cookie with each new batch that went into the oven. I also cut the salt as Wednesday Chef did, and without a mixer, creamed the butter and sugars with the pure brute force of my forearm....grrrr! I'm strong.

I didn't eat them all--I brought a container-full to a Superbowl party and a dozen to a snow-bound board games night--but I did eat way too many. I think I woke up with a cookie hangover today.

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