Pork Tenderloin with Shallots and Pears

This was surprisingly quick to put together and almost felt fancy. But perhaps that's because I never make pork tenderloin and "shallot" is the classiest name for a vegetable that I've ever heard. Speaking of classy foods...
The recipe calls for pear nectar. Really? Not hunting all over for that! After making a roux with butter and flour--a procedure I have not carried out many times and perhaps never with success--I added some cranberry juice and water (because I didn't have any stock). So, my sauce wasn't pear-flavored, or really very flavored at all, but it eventually got thicker!

Here's my roux...sorta looks like pancake batter.
Searing the tenderloin allows for a very brief time in the oven, which is good when your oven is possessed and likes to turn itself off, beep incessantly, and flash the cryptic "F7" message. This is another story altogether.

Also, I think I need a new meat thermometer. I'm considering the infrared kind or one with an oven-proof probe and remote. Any suggestions?

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