Renewed purpose...?

I really have been cooking. I'll prove it to you...soon.

"Let's start at the very beginning. A very good place to start..."

I've been using this song to remind my students how to factor numbers thoroughly, but it seems to be a little tune that is permeating my life in more ways than one recently. So I haven't blogged in awhile. And to be honest, I have been getting a little discouraged...

I had a wonderful chat with an old friend the other day who has been working on some food-related health issues and mentioned my old CSA provider, Arganica. I instantly felt pangs of guilt for having ever stopped being associated with the wonderfully innovative (and so local) organization.

I started (see the connection now?) this blog to document my time as a supporter of local agriculture via my subscription to a weekly produce delivery. When the season was over, Arganica morphed into a comprehensive one-stop shop for local food. I was in awe of their expansion efforts, and also unfortunately of the cost of membership. I waffled for a long time about becoming a member. I thought about a lot of things...It's too expensive. I want to support local farmers. I want to eat more whole foods. I want to cook more. I'll never eat it all.

It's too expensive.
This was the thought that kept coming to the surface. Back in October I did a cost analysis, and I put out some feelers to see if any housemates or neighbor friends wanted to split a membership, but in the long run, there wasn't much interest, and I was a commitment-phobe. Arganica even kept sending me weekly emails and left me voicemails asking if I wanted to become a member. I didn't find any of this the least bit pushy, but I continued to waver. A few weeks ago I realized I had stopped receiving the weekly made me a little sad.

Not only did that chat with my friend renew my interest in Arganica, but I also continue to have excruciating and unsatisfying trips to my local (conventional) grocery store, Giant. It's not the worst urban grocery store I've seen, not even close actually, but it's ridiculously crowded all the time. The other day (a typical weekday) I waited in line for 20 minutes. No exaggeration. I timed it! The deals aren't incredible, the produce I need is too frequently out of stock or on its way to compost (yellow kale, ick!), and I rarely enjoy shopping there. And I like grocery shopping! In theory, at least.

So I think I might give Arganica another try...maybe with a lower commitment, 3 month membership. I might even challenge myself to eliminate the grocery store altogether, or at least reduce the trips I have to make so that I'm making the most of my $25 minimum weekly order.

Stay tuned!

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