Buying Steak at Target

I'm a little behind the curve on this one, but I finally got around to watching last year's documentary Food Inc. Here is a transcript of the text messages I sent my boyfriend as I watched the movie alone...

Me: Think I'm going to be vegetarian for awhile...this s**ts nasty.
Him: Please please no
Me: Then I'm only buying organic/free range meat. You should see this
Him: You'll be over it in a week

That was last Wednesday. Sunday I bought a conventional--and utterly gorgeous, might I add--london broil from the new grocery section at Target. Yup, I bought meat at Target.

I didn't even bat an eyelash. If I'd had the choice, I may have bought an organic steak. And that's what's so darn frustrating about this food dilemma: I know what food is best to eat, but sometimes that's just not what I buy. The main factor for me is always cost but convenience plays a big role too. I really don't want to imagine sad cattle standing up to their knees in their own manure getting fat on corn every time I consider buying a steak, and I didn't conjure this image on Sunday afternoon in the Target grocery aisle, but how do I remain aware without reminding myself of images such as these?

Consider this blog the honest thoughts of a foodie struggling to buy (the "buy" part is so important here because agricultural is big business) and eat what's best for herself, for other people too!, for small farmers and for environmental sustainability.

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