Stuffed Shells

I made these for a potluck a few weeks back (and a second container for a dinner with friends the next night). They are really so easy, delicious (and vegetarian, which comes in handy). They might become my go-to party/potluck dish.

I started typing a recipe, but I honestly can't remember the proportions. I know I used (part skim) ricotta cheese, (whole milk) mozzarella, Parmesan, one egg, TJ tomato basil pasta sauce, and lots of basil in the cheese and in the dish with the sauce.

As I stuffed the shells, I had a really strong visual memory of my mom doing the same thing. I think it's because holding a floppy piece of pasta in your hand as your force a cheesy mixture into it is not something you see or do often. There's something very tactile about the task because even if you use a spoon (I did. My mom did.), the shell is still cradled in your palm, you probably need a thumb to hold it open, and there's bound to be cheese on your hands by the end.

Fun and simple to prepare. So delicious. Someday when I have my own freezer, I may stock it with frozen stuffed mom used to do that, too. Smart lady!

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