Indian Potato Pancakes

Potatoes are good. So is Indian food.

I made these quick and easy fried potato cakes twice last week. It's adapted from a recipe in Moosewood Restaurant Low Fat Favorites and garam masala is what makes them so special. I ate them plain and with mango chutney the first time, but after eating delicious homemade Indian food at my friend's birthday party, the second rendition of these potato cakes was screaming for an accompaniment a little more mirchi (spicy!). However, I didn't have any delicious Indian chutney, so my TJ salsa had to do. It was better than the chutney (too sweet), but it wasn't quite right either. Green chile provides the heat in both chutney and salsa, but the tomato base of the salsa didn't suit the garam masala flavor. Is tomato used in Indian food that much? I'm sure I wouldn't even have noticed the salsa's inadequacies if my palette hadn't been treated to the incredibly delicious birthday dinner of the night before.

My Indian friend just mentioned her plans to do a lot of cooking while we're on spring break in two weeks. Hopefully I can finagle some cooking lessons into those plans!

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