Chocolate Cake needs no occasion

I made chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting last Sunday. I didn't have an occasion, unless Sunday counts. I hate Sundays, especially lonely ones at the end of dull weekends, but what better way to throw a pity party than with chocolate cake?!

I used a recipe by the lovely Ina Garten from The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook. I've wanted to make this for a long time since I love this cookbook so much. In an act of wisdom, I cut the buttercream frosting recipe in half because I know Ina loves her frosting, and as much as I do too, I also like my arteries to be clear. The recipe calls for a POUND of butter. That's on top of the 1/2 pound in the cake. The two sticks needed for a half recipe of frosting is not quite so heart-attack inducing.

I think this was the third or fourth layer cake I've ever made from scratch (but my childhood made me a pro at baking from cake mix), and I think I've found my new pastime. Something tells me my boyfriend, housemates, and coworkers won't mind my new interest. Also, cake really comes in handy when you don't hear your alarm go off and you wake up at the time that you should be walking in the door at work. Cake for Breakfast!

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