Eating dinner in a field

I'm feeling oddly drawn to the farm-to-table dinner experience. I'd heard of this before I stumbled upon this event today but hadn't realized that it is really a phenomenon. This one by "Outstanding in the Field" is totally out of my budget, not to mention more than an hour from home and occurring the evening before school starts, but a girl can dream....

I think the heat and humidity of August is going to my head and making me nostalgic. Eating a fresh dinner in the country prepared by a great chef sounds like the summer evenings of my childhood (we were the farmers and the chef was my mom). The Augusts of my childhood included cicadas, garden beds bursting with zucchini and tomatoes, the county fair (livestock, 4-H exhibits, carnival rides, and "Asian bbq" skewers), porch swings and ice cream cones at the little place by the river. Perhaps this explains why I recently considered attending the MD state fair, have been gushing for tomatoes, pining for zucchini to make breads, cakes, and cookies, craving an ice cream cone each evening and relishing the early evening cicada thrum.

Nostalgia aside...I'm curious about the type of people who attend farm-to-table dinners. Since it seems to be a really communal experience and something that appeals to foodies and the socially conscious, I bet the company is as interesting as the food and the venue. The skeptical might ask: What kind of person spends $200 to eat dinner in a corn field? The Answer: Me if someone handed me $200.

Who wouldn't want to eat dinner in a setting this gorgeous?

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