Where did the sum-...

Here was last week's CSA crate:
I started to feel a little sheepish about reporting about my experiences with this week's veggies, but upon further thought I'm not ashamed to admit that I didn't really do much cooking this week. Sometimes the best thing to do when its 90 degrees outside and you have food as fresh as this is nothing at all. I enjoyed that beautiful yellow tomato, without a drop of olive oil or a grain of salt, and I'm happy to say I didn't miss these accessories! At various times this week I...boiled the red potatoes and served with butter and dill, grilled the green pepper, and ate the carrots and cukes (didn't even peel 'em!) with hummus. The green beans were the only veggies that got heat this week--a saute with oil, walnuts and Parmesan, but I can only take credit for eating them.

I'm thinking about making a pasta primavera for some friends tomorrow night...something comfortable and colorful and filling but fresh, that will use up this week's "leftovers" and some of tomorrow's crate. Wouldn't hurt if it looked good when photographed either.

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