Little and Odd

Here's my corn salad, I followed Bittman's recipe except I used a regular onion instead of a red one, and I put some lime on it because I couldn't resist. I was amazed at how many meals I got out of it...This week's share is a little odd. Or maybe I should say little and odd. I got: a cantaloupe, a red-ish pepper, a tomato, a tiny crookneck squash and one carrot, three potatoes and some kind of hot-looking red pepper, broccoli (which already turned yellow and droopy, and I had to throw away...too bad!). The odd part is the multi-colored corn. Do I eat it? Is it for decoration? The kernels are plump not dried-out like ornamental corn. Confused...
Arganica threw in a half-dozen fresh pastured eggs from Shenandoah Valley Family Farms this week, one or two of which I plan to eat for breakfast when I finish this post.Last night, I started reading Julie & Julia and the first recipe spoken of is Child's Potage Parmentier (potato and leek soup). I'm not a big soup eater in August, but I do have a serious potato stash right now that probably needs some attention. Any other potato ideas? Perhaps something more palatable in this August heat and humidity?

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