Post-Traumatic Eating

I got trapped in a stairwell today. The whole ordeal only lasted a few minutes, and shortly after making my way out (actually phoning my out), I watched a woman and her two school-age children nearly struck in a crosswalk by an aggressively rude driver making a right turn on a red light. These two slightly traumatic experiences got me thinking about post-traumatic eating. What food might one crave after surviving such harrowing events? As in, "Man, that sure was close. Sure glad I'm still alive. Let's eat some lobster." Similarly, what kind of food would you hope to have on hand the next time you find yourself stuck in a concrete, windowless stairwell or a similarly dismal dungeon-like setting? I, myself, have been carrying around a bag of raw almonds for at least a week in my cavernous purse. I didn't get hungry in the stairwell today, but I'm convinced that I was prepared with the ideal sustenance.

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  1. i would eat popcorn. movie theater variety. in fact, while watching a good cheezy movie.