Gourds, gifts and Grandma

A collection of thoughts as the autumn rolls in (maybe).

...Think there might be a little bread baking on tap for this weekend.

...I've been looking for a ragu/bolognese recipe and missing my dear grandma. Wish I'd been old enough to really study her cooking.

...Also in search of a cheesecake recipe, but feeling slightly less desperate about this search because my mom makes a wonderful cheesecake and I need only replicate her recipe to find success. I'm just a researcher/shopper by nature; I like to see my options before I commit.

...Planning a celebration/gift meal has had me feeling a plethora of emotions: 1) confidence in the thoroughness of my research, 2) insecurity about my ability to actually choose the "best" recipe, 3) apprehension about choosing a dish that will end up being fussy, 4) excitement about eating the meal, and 5) a positive, yet to be fully understood feeling such as what a gift giver feels when s/he has considered so carefully what will make the recipient most happy.

...Feeling a bit more legit for actually having made the effort recently to read interesting/well-known/charming/witty food blogs. And so...

...Cauliflower Socks is due for some beautification.

...I might be on my way to accepting the whole ornamental squash thing--OK, they are attractive in an odd sort of way and oh, so fall-ish--but they remain lodged in the category Stuff-That-Doesn't-Serve-A-Reasonable-Purpose, which is to say the Stuff-I-Try-To-Keep-Out-Of-My-Life category. I've amassed a vaguely charming collection of gourds, etc. on the mantel in my dining room. Sorry, housemates!

Introducing this week's share...

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