Parsley chopping...bane of my existence

Made it. So good. And then I realized that citrus isn't really good for you when you have a cold, which I do (I think it tends to cause/contribute to congestion.) Ah well, this is tasty!

The only thing that might keep me from adding this recipe to any kind of Cauliflower Socks Best Hits list is the amount of fervor with which I hate chopping parsley. I don't mean to rant but, well, here goes...
1) it's gritty and so must be rinsed,
2) but then it is wet and sticks to everything.
3) I have found no effective way to dry rinsed parsley and so, attempt to chop it while it's still wet.
4) The little tiny pieces stick to my hand/finger/knife/implement. No matter how few of these things I get involved in picking up the chopped parsley, half of it seems to be attached to me or a kitchen tool.

But this salad is delicious!

Edit: All that ranting and did Bittman's recipe call for parsley? No, cilantro. D'oh! Also, I forgot the red pepper. This head cold is crowding out my brain cells.

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  1. you should make this:

    with your sweet potatoes!