Why does all my food look the same?

Another Thursday, another CSA share. As far as this week goes I've eaten (some of) the cantaloupe, the tomato (eh), the squash and some eggs. The eggs were absolutely gorgeous with really deep-yellow yokes that looked almost orange when beaten. I made a quick scramble with some tomatoes and curry powder. I have four more, with which I feel compelled to make prepare something more inventive that will really highlight the quality of the eggs. Egg'deas?

I've been lazy/busy this week and didn't do much cooking, but did do a lot of veggie eating by roasting eggplant, green and yellow squash and red pepper with olive oil early in the week. The eggplant went in the 400 degree oven first for about 20 minutes with the other veggies being thrown in for about 5 minutes at the end. I didn't peel or salt and press the eggplant, but I think it was delicious (some may say slimy, but weird food textures rarely bother me.) I also roasted big cloves of garlic and diced them up after everything cooled, mixed the garlic with olive oil and juice of a lemon and poured that on top of the cooled veggies. On top of greens with some feta, this cooked-itself meal wasn't half bad (the....3? times I ate it!). Tonight I cooked up some quinoa and broccoli and ate the last of it with feta and a giant tomato from last week's CSA.

I have some serious work to do with my potato stash since more spuds came in this week's share. A slow cook in foil under some hot campfire coals this weekend might be good, but that'll only knock off a few. I also now have two hot(?) red peppers and some cabbage (what the..?!). And this week's share included a HUGE chunk of watermelon. Since it's already been cut, I feel a serious race against the clock to eat the sucker. Come over and have a piece!
Speaking of racing against the clock to eat produce...Listen to this hilarious excerpt from my favorite NPR program "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" featuring author, food'spert and James Beard Award winning Michael Pollan.

Oh, and here's this week's share:

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  1. ideas!

    watermelon: you can cut it up, stick it in the blender, strain it and pour it over ice---mm watermelon juice!

    btw, squash is great stirfried. As is cabbage. mmmm. In fact, I LOVE cabbage stirfried. Or, make a yummy slaw!

    As for the eggs, there is nothing better for bringing out the taste of perfectly fresh eggs than a soft boiled one for breakfast. Delicious German breakfast delicacy..runny yolk and all. Or soft boil it, leave it whole and smoosh it over spinach or other greens!

    sorry, feeling a bit..hungry!