Pre-Vacation Self-Control

I had to control myself at the farmers' market this weekend because in two days I'm heading out of town for two weeks. I bought two small bulbs of fennel, rhubarb (probably the last of the season), and two peaches. 1st peach was delicious; it ripened nicely in two days. I have plans for salmon cakes with zucchini fennel slaw for tonight. But, oh boy, I gotta do something with that rhubarb! Probably a quick compote for ice cream and yogurt for the next two days because on top of packing and laundry and errands, I don't want to worry about letting some delicious rhubarb dish go to waste!

This vacation will surely prove to be a culinary treat. A few things I'm looking forward to gobbling up are brezel, wurst, beer (all, duh!), Danish pastries (cinnamon rolls, I hope), and cheese from happy Alpine cows, but there will surely be much more to report when I return.

Hej! Farvel! Auf Wiedersehen!

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