Rhubarb for Everyone!

In these final days of the school year, I've done my best to spread the love for rhubarb at my workplace. Seems rhubarb didn't really need any support around there though; everybody was already a fan!

For this final day of the school year, I made rhubarb muffins again, but last time I didn't share very generously. Shame on me. When I scooped the remainder of the muffin batter into a small 4 by 6 inch Pyrex and baked it, I had a rhubarb muffin "loaf" on my hands. Not my favorite word in the world (sounds a little gross, no?), but descriptive. Mmm...rhubarb loaf.

Photo credit to this guy.

You can't see the rhubarb in this one, but it's in there--probably in slightly too large chunks. In fact the photographer looked at the other muffin after taking this photo and said, "Umm...that one has something red in it."

With whole wheat flour, no butter, low-fat yogurt, a sprinkle of cinnamon and sugar on top, and--ahem--a vegetable, this is one bad-ass healthy muffin.

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