I miss my powerbook!

A little part of me disappeared to Apple Tech Service headquarters when I shipped my powerbook off for repairs on Saturday. I'm aching for my beloved laptop and haven't been able to blog about some recent cooking endeavors. I have tons of pictures to upload, but alas, that will have to wait.

I finally ate the tomatoes I got in last week's box. I ate them in their purest form...sliced with some salt and bright green basil leaves. It was the highlight of my usual "will-you-open-my-string-cheese?"-"sit-down!"-"can-we-line-up?" camp lunch for the last two days. To be honest, I think I'd be elated to get a crate full of tomatoes rather than a little bit of everything this week. I'm particularly excited about what this week's CSA crate has in store for me as I know for sure I'll be cooking for some friends in the next few days.

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