Moosewood salads

I made two salads from my new Moosewood cookbook tonight. I could have just made one, but as much as I enjoy cooking, I prefer to cook a few dishes in an evening (especially in the summer when I'm eating a lot of cold stuff) and then have a few nights off.

I made the Potato Bean Salad with a Curried Mango Yogurt Dressing and I added some fresh corn that I had cooked a few nights ago.
In a creative endeavor to use the cabbage that I seem to be receiving every week in my CSA, I made the very descriptively-titled Cabbage Salad (shredded cabbage, red bell pepper, red onion and a cumin yogurt dressing). They're both pretty tasty, though not terribly attractive given the yogurt-y dressings.
Last night I concocted my own variation on Diary of a Foodie's Pasta with Beat Greens. For someone who professes as much love for public television as I do, I've never watched this program. Might have something to do with my not having an actual tv. Why do I always make too much pasta for the sauce/veggies?

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