Variety is the spice of life


After a busy Thursday evening, I thought I might have missed out on my CSA box delivery, but it has arrived! So excited to see a lot of new things this week.

Parsley: Can't wait to make some tabouleh!
To my petite tomatoes: In the tabouleh you go!
Lettuce: I've missed your superior-to-the-grocery-store-bag taste!
Potatoes: A welcome staple.
Scallions: I have already forgotten what life was like with big white onions.
Cucumbers: Tabouleh!
Yellow squash & Zucchini: Here comes the flood...zucchini chocolate chip cookies in a few weeks?!
Green beans: Fat and happy...might be seeing the last of you.
Peppers: Hope this week marked my last grocery store pepper for awhile.
White eggplant: Maybe I'll try some fried eggplant strips and a fresh dipping sauce.

and...what is this?

New Zealand Spinach: Going to have to do some research on this one.

Also got some raspberry sorbet made from wild raspberries, sweetened with hickory bark syrup, grass-fed ground beef from Gryffon's Aerie Heritage Beef, and delicious Piedmont cheese from Everona Dairy. I decided to splurge on these extra a la carte items this week since my lovely foodie sister and niece are coming to town.

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  1. New Zealand spinach huh? Just googled it. sounds delicious.