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I bought three cookbooks today at Capitol Hill Books; none are the ones for which I am really pining, but these three are still welcome additions to my growing collection. The new purchases are--in order of discovery in the dingy (that describes the whole store) cookbook corner--Jacques Pépin Celebrates, Chez Panisse Cooking, and Moosewood Restaurant Low-Fat Favorites.

I'm not pretending to know a lot about Pépin or Alice Waters/Chez Panisse, but I do know that I should know more about both of these important food people, so I'm considering this my first step. I love how unpretentious Pépin's book feels despite: 1) I can't pronounce the names of some of the dishes, and I studied French!, and 2) There are photographic directions for making a swan out of a melon. Which, by the way, is the first recipe I'm going to tackle...right after " 'Angry' Trout in Hot Pecan Sauce."

I was disappointed to only find the Low-Fat Moosewood book, but upon further inspection, it looks delicious. And as the proprietor of Cap Hill Books reminded me, Moosewood volumes are quite popular, so I'll consider myself lucky for unearthing this one. I've already started skipping over the modifer "non-fat" when reading the recipes; I think I'm set.

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