All that belly-aching got me a call from the Apple Store...the Powerbook is back and better than ever! So without further adieu...some photos.Last week's taboulehLast week's delivery...the beets (along with all the others that were hanging out in my fridge) found a good home with a friendScones with golden raisins. Here with some orange marmalade. I went with Mark Bittman's recipe from How to Cook Everything versus the Barefoot Contessa, even though she has rarely led me astray. These turned out pretty darn good, if I say so myself, and if the friend who received a dozen for her golden birthday wasn't lying when she said they were delicious. My first attempt at scones: I give myself a B+. Definitely made more delicious by the fact that I was making them with gifting intentions.Variation on one of my favorites (tomato, corn, basil and feta salad). This one has green beans and no corn. Also, I think I put green onion in, but I'd leave that out next time. Delicious, despite the store-bought tomatoes.

I also made a dish with mango chicken sausage, green and purple peppers, onion, two different squashes, and some mango chili sauce. Sausage isn't very photogenic.

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